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Metal Detectors For The Food Industry

  Metal detectors for the food industry

  In the food industry, the detection of metal impurities mainly use metal detectors, food metal detectors are divided into two types: belt and pipe. Belt is the conveyor belt, the food on the belt after the probe if the metal impurities will be shut down or excluded. Pipeline is mainly free floor type, free food falling, after the probe will be alarm and then discharged.

  At present, the best number of metal detectors for food products in Germany is mainly made in Japan. Japanese food metal requirements are very strict, they are made in the Chinese food processing standards, most of the domestic products are not up to the requirements of some special food even if the German products are not up to the requirements, such as: fresh meat , Pickles, canned class. Some of the domestic product of qualified practices are trade secrets, inconvenient to disclose. The metal detector is an electromagnetic principle and is susceptible to interference. The standard of the test block is generally set by the manufacturer.

  Metal detectors in other industries

  Textiles (clothing, clothing, toys, shoes) check the needle for the special name: needle detector, needle detector

  Safety and anti-theft inspection with the special name: metal detection doors, security doors, metal detection security doors