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9·3 Parade Attended By US Secretary Of State On Her Full Understanding

"Web report" according to Korea, the national daily reported on September 1, local time, on August 31, Korea Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi in United States anchorage, Alaska and United States Secretary of State John Kerry talks, Yin Bingshi introduces Korea President Park on September 3 at the Chinese Government's "victory of anti-Japanese war and the world anti-fascist war 70 years" the observance of the relevant circumstances, Kerry expressed "full understanding."

He pointed out that the understanding does not mean support. Although don't want Korea to make such decisions, but taking into account each other's situation is understood.

The two sides also agreed, through September 2 in the inter-Korean summit talks, President, XI Jinping of China September visit to the United States and her October visit to the United States and a series of summit talks ongoing strategic dialogue to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea and other matters relating to peace and stability on the peninsula.

In addition, the two sides discussed Sino-Japanese Korean, Korea-US-Japan and China and Korea and other small-scale multilateral cooperation, issues related to the promotion of peace and stability in Northeast Asia. Yin Bingshi proposes to strengthen Sino-US-South Korea consultation mechanism to curb North Korea's nuclear capability upgrades. (Practice compilation: Qian Xiaofang review: Xiaofei Li)