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Analysis On The Setting Requirements Of Highway Speed Bump

Analysis on the setting requirements of highway Speed Bump

The Speed Bump is a new traffic special safety setting for deceleration motor vehicle and non-motorized motor speed. Here is a brief description of the highway Speed Bump set requirements.

GB "Road traffic signs and markings" is based on the road driving environment for the management of the setting of the legal basis and national norms, which stipulates: "Deceleration line for white reflective dashed, depending on the location of the set, can be a single dotted line, double dotted line and repeat three times, perpendicular to the driving direction set ”

This means that the speed belt ridge, the width of the Speed Bump is generally 30-45cm, the height in 5-8cm) is a not to pass the National Standardization Committee attestation Traffic Safety Facility product, the application scope is small, from now see is mainly used in: A, design flow is less than 2,500 vehicles/days, the maximum speed limit is 40 kilometers /hour, two-way urban residential roads, one lane in each direction; B, usually not set on the main road; c, toll crossings at toll stations; D, the entrance of the feeder road access to the trunk road, and access to the trunk road through the village highway.

Upon enquiry of the Highway Act, the Road Safety Protection Ordinance, "Road traffic signs and markings", "road traffic signs and marking set up norms", "Highway Engineering Technical Standards", "Highway Traffic safety facilities Design Rules", "Highway Safety and security Engineering implementation of technical guidelines" do not require in the national provincial trunk Road to set the provisions of the Speed Bump.

The purpose of setting the Speed Bump may be good, may not be able to receive good results. From the use of the Speed Bump in recent years, the Speed Bump is a double-edged sword, which plays an important role in preventing traffic accidents in the area of urban roads and so on. But it is set in the National provincial highway, but hidden a series of security hidden Trouble, one is the high-speed driving a variety of vehicles through the setting of the Speed Bump, Increased vehicle damage and prone to traffic accidents; The second is the country province trunk road traffic is busy, the vehicle volume is big, approximately in 5,000 vehicles/day and night, easily causes the man-made traffic jams the influence unimpeded; three is the motorcycle, the electric vehicle, the bicycle through the setting Speed Bump causes the machine destroys the human dead accident to arouse the sufficient attention. Therefore, there is a choice in the branch section, the city block and so on to set the Speed Bump, may improve the road traffic safety condition to a certain extent, conversely, may not have the effect to become the highway the man-made roadblock and the accident hidden trouble, reduced the road traffic safety.