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Metal Detector Application Areas

Metal detectors are mainly three categories: electromagnetic induction, X-ray detection, microwave detection, is used to detect metal electronic equipment, can be applied to multiple fields. The metal detector is a high performance metal detector designed for security. Compared with the traditional detector: the detection area of the special design of the face, detection area, scanning speed, high sensitivity. Shell with ABS plastic cast a cast, strong resistance, fine craftsmanship, light weight to carry and so on. Can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in the human body, including jewelry, electrical components and so on. Suitable for use in airports, customs, docks, banks, buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other places. The product uses a large-scale integrated circuit, can be fully equipped with 9V rechargeable battery (optional), low voltage indication, LED light alarm and vibration alarm, is to check the illicit items rare ideal product.

Application areas

Metal detectors for the food industry

In the food industry, the detection of metal impurities mainly use metal detectors, food metal detectors are divided into two types: belt and pipe. Belt is the conveyor belt, the food on the belt after the probe if the metal impurities will be shut down or excluded. Pipeline is mainly free floor type, free food falling, after the probe will be alarm and then discharged.

At present, the best number of metal detectors for food products in Germany is mainly made in Japan. Japanese food metal requirements are very strict, they are made in the Chinese food processing standards, most of the domestic products are not up to the requirements of some special food even if the German products are not up to the requirements, such as: fresh meat , Pickles, canned class. Some of the domestic products to the practice of qualified business secrets, inconvenient to disclose. The metal detector is an electromagnetic principle and is susceptible to interference. The standard of the test block is generally set by the manufacturer.

Metal detectors in other industries

Textiles (food, medicine, clothing, clothing, toys, shoes) check the needle for the special name: needle detector, needle detector

Safety and anti-theft inspection with a special name: metal detection doors, security doors, metal detection security doors

Testing and installation methods

Metal detector (underground metal detector) circuit in addition to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, there is no adjustment part, as long as the welding is correct, the circuit will be able to work properly. The whole machine in the static, that is, the speaker does not sound, the total current is about 10mA, detected the metal speaker sound, the machine current up to 20mA. A new laminated battery can work for 20 to 30 hours.

The new metal detector (underground metal detector) if it can not work, first of all to check the circuit board components, wiring welding is wrong, and then measure the battery voltage and power supply circuit is normal, Zener diode VD1 stable voltage 5.5 ~ 6.5V, VD2 polarity do not reverse the welding. To detect the inner oscillation of the coil and the first end of the end of the wrong welding.

Before using the metal detector, you need to adjust the length of the probe bar, as long as the rubber loose, push and pull the plastic casing to the appropriate length, and then rotating the glue tube, so that the cable around the tight, and handle tip , And finally the tightening of the black tape, lock the plastic through the casing. In this way, when the detector handle, the thumb is just close to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer.

When adjusting the sensitivity of the metal detector, detect discs (oscillating coils) away from metal, including paper with aluminum foil, and then turn the sensitivity fine adjustment of the potentiometer knob (FINE TUNING) to turn on the power switch and rotate it to half the position and adjust the coarse Potentiometer knob (TUNING), so that the speaker sounds to stop the sound, and finally fine-tuning fine-tuning potentiometer, so that the speaker sounds just stop, then the highest sensitivity of metal detectors. With a metal detector to detect the metal, as long as the detection disc near any metal, the speaker will sound, away from a certain position to automatically stop the call.