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Metal Detector There Are Three Main Categories

Introduction to metal detectors

Metal detectors are mainly three categories: electromagnetic induction type, X-ray detection type, microwave detection type, is used to detect metal electronic equipment, can be applied in many fields.

In the military field, metal detectors can be used to detect metal mines; in the field of security, can detect portable or hidden weapons and crime tools; in archeology, can detect buried metal objects tombs, to find the tomb of gold and silver treasure And other metal products; in the project can be used to detect underground metal buried objects, such as pipes, pipelines, etc .; in mineral exploration, can be used to detect and discover natural gold particles; industry, can be used for on-line monitoring, , Coal, metal debris in food and so on. [1] Metal detectors can also be used as a tool for young people to carry out national defense education and popular science activities, but also fun toys, especially in recent years, Europe and the United States has a wide range of personal interest-like metal detectors, the metal The exploration activity has evolved into part of the outdoor movement.

Metal detector (metal detector) is a high performance designed for security design of metal detectors. Compared with the traditional detector: the detection area of the special design of the face, detection area, scanning speed, high sensitivity. Shell with ABS plastic cast a cast, strong resistance, fine craftsmanship, light weight to carry and so on. Can detect hidden in the human body all kinds of metal objects, including jewelry, electrical components and so on. Suitable for use in airports, customs, docks, banks, buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other places. The product uses a large-scale integrated circuit, can be fully equipped with 9V rechargeable battery (optional), low voltage indicator, LED light alarm and vibration alarm, is to check the illicit items rare ideal product.