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Now More And More People Began To Use Underground Metal Detectors

  Now more and more people began to use underground metal detectors, with underground metal detectors to find the ancestors left the treasure and wild treasure, historical archeology, but because there are a lot of people on the instrument is not very understanding, the use of the environment on the treasure The impact of how much is not clear, so there are some considerations are often ignored, resulting in exploration treasure less effective. Therefore, in order to gain, in advance to master the correct use of the instrument and the use of the precautions. Today, we will from a professional point of view, one after another to explain how to correctly use a variety of underground metal detectors and the use of the process of attention.

  First of all to explain to you before using the attention to the problem:

  1. Note the operator's own impact on the instrument

  In the use of metal detectors, the operator should pay attention to their own metal interference, such as wearing metal jewelry, belt buckle, etc., these metal objects over the General Assembly affect the effect of the instrument, especially high-power high sensitivity search metal detection Device, its own metal interference signal situation is more serious. Therefore, we recommend that the use of metal detectors, the operator should not wear static cotton clothing, body to avoid with metal jewelry, do not wear shoes with metal objects, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the instrument.

  2. Note the impact of the surrounding environment on the instrument

  Metal detectors in use, should be avoided around the other signals affect the instrument, such as large transformer stations, signal towers and so on. These can interfere with the instrument, affecting the use of results. So, if the detection time found next to these things, either, adjust the scope of small detection, reduce the sensitivity of the instrument, or give up here, find another place.

  3. Pay attention to the impact of weather on the instrument

  When you use metal detectors, you should also pay attention to changes in the weather, in the thunder, rainy days should avoid using the instrument, so as to avoid accidents. In addition, if the wind is too large, the search-type detector detection effect will be affected, so find a good weather to detect, is necessary.