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Principle And Application Of Pharmaceutical Type Metal Detectors

  Principle and application of pharmaceutical type metal detectors

  In recent years, as the end-user enterprise product quality awareness has been strengthened, the pharmaceutical industry GMP certification, metal detector on-line testing equipment manufacturers to make relevant provisions, this article on the application of the pharmaceutical industry on-line testing equipment and technology and everyone to explore.

  In the production and processing of drugs, often due to equipment wear, artificial negligence and other causes of metal powder, particles, needle shape and other metal foreign body into the product, to the safety of drugs to bring great harm, so that the credibility of drug manufacturers to cause great loss, so we often use metal checkout machine to detect products to eliminate the metal foreign body in the product presence.

  The principle of the metal checkout machine:

  Most of the metal checkout machine is composed of two parts, that is, the detection head (including sensors) and automatic culling device, metal detector wherein, the detection head is the core part, there are three coils, a central hair ray ring and two equivalent receiving coils, the three sets of coils are fixed in the probe head, and the high frequency alternating magnetic field is generated by the oscillator connected by the intermediate radiation ring, while the receiving coils of the two sides are connected so that their induced voltages are counteracted by each other before the magnetic field is disturbed. Once the metal impurity enters the magnetic field: two input coil output signal can not be offset, metal detector will be able to detect the presence of metal, not offset the induction voltage through the sensor, through the control system processing, and produce a rejection signal, metal detector transfer to the automatic elimination device, so that the metal impurities to exclude production lines.

  Application of Metal Checkout machine

  Conveyor type metal Checkout machine

  At present, the most common metal checkout equipment in the market is the conveyor-type metal checkout machine. This type of metal checkout machine is mainly for the online inspection of finished products and semi-finished products, providing final inspection before shipment.

  Free Fall Gold Inspection Machine

  Metal checkout machine on the product packaging requirements can not contain metal, but many manufacturers take into account the packaging of the tightness, the requirements of the light to avoid high, the use of metal composite membrane packaging. But the metal composite film itself is metal, so, with the tunnel type metal checkout machine detection sensitivity will have a large deviation, so we only have to choose the packaging before testing. The Free Fall Gold detector is developed for the above situation, metal detector it is mainly for such as tablets, capsules and granular, powder-like items of detection, when these items fall through the free fall into the gold detector, it will use their own fast-starting electromagnetic drive plate or turn off device, can reliably separate pollution products. The machine has the advantages of simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance and high efficiency.

  Fluid metal Detectors

  Some liquid, viscous products (such as some oral liquid, health products) and so on after the canned test can not meet the sensitivity requirements, and the different formulations of the product so that the gold detector often make false exclusion caused unnecessary waste, if the use of pipe-type metal checkout machine, liquid or viscous drugs in the test before canned, can effectively improve detection sensitivity, metal detector online removal of metal impurities, to ensure that the product safety factory, equipped with exclusion devices are generally: extruded spherical type, three-direction type.