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Speed Bump Play A Buffer To Slow Down The Purpose

Deceleration zone is also called slowdown ridge, is installed on the road to slow down the traffic through the transport facilities, the shape is generally strip, but also a bit like, the material is mainly rubber, there are metal, generally black and white to cause visual Pay attention to the road to a little arch to achieve the purpose of vehicle slowdown, generally set in the road crossing, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential area entrance and other vehicles need slow down the road and easily lead to traffic accidents, is used to slow down motor vehicles, Non - motor vehicle exercise speed of the new traffic - specific security settings. Deceleration zone with a large extent to reduce the traffic accidents, traffic safety is a new type of special facilities. The car in the driving both safe and play a buffer to reduce the purpose of improving the safety of the crossing.

Rubber reduction belt is based on the car in the tire and the ground special rubber angle principle design, made of special rubber. Is a set in the highway crossing, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential quarters and other places for the slowdown of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle speed of the new traffic-specific security settings. Compared with the original cement ridge and steel pipe, the rubber deceleration zone has the advantages of shock absorption, excellent compression resistance, long life, less car wear, less noise, black and white, clear color, no need to paint every year, beautiful Generous and so on. The use of deceleration with the product, a large extent to reduce the traffic crossing accident, traffic safety is a new type of special facilities. Rubber reduction ridge by the yellow, black and white rubber ridge unit composed of slowdown.

Rubber reduction ridge should be one piece, the outer surface should increase the adhesion of the stripes. Each slow ridge unit should have a nightly identification of the retroreflective material for the direction of the vehicle. The surface should be no stomata, no obvious scratches, lack of material, color should be uniform, no flash. Rubber slowdown ridge surface should be pressed to produce the name of the production unit. If the bolt is connected to the ground by the bolt, the bolt hole shall be counterbored. The units of the mitigation ridge should be connected in a reliable manner.

The width of the ridge unit should be approximately trapezoidal or curved. The width dimension should be in the range of (300mm ± 5mm) ~ (400mm ± 5mm), the height should be in the range of (25mm ± 2mm) - (70mm ± 2mm), the height of the rubber used in road and city road Width ratio should not be greater than 0.7.

Vehicle weight of 20 t dual-axis car to 40 km / h speed has been fixed on the road in the rubber slow ridge, after the test, the visual inspection of the sample, after the test rubber ridge should not be any damage, cracking phenomenon.