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Speed BumpTo Achieve The Purpose Of Vehicle Reduction

Deceleration zone is also called slowdown ridge, is installed on the road to slow down the traffic through the transport facilities, the shape is generally strip, but also a bit like, the material is mainly rubber, there are metal, generally black and white to cause visual Attention to the road so that a little arch to achieve the purpose of vehicle slowdown, generally set in the road crossing, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, residential area entrance and other vehicles need slow down the road and easily lead to traffic accidents, is used to slow down motor vehicles, Non - motor vehicle exercise speed of the new traffic - specific security settings. Deceleration zone with a large extent to reduce the traffic crossing accident, traffic safety is a new type of special facilities. The car in the driving both safe and play a buffer to reduce the purpose of improving the safety of the crossing.

Deceleration zone, as the name suggests, is to allow the driver to achieve slowdown. In contrast, many drivers disagree, not to mention the impact of this security problem, the damage to the car is subtle, a long time will bring a lot of failure. For example, the following errors in the following ways to slow down the belt to see if there is no you.

1. With the deceleration zone does not slow down

The vehicle has been slow down the belt will certainly cause a certain impact on the car, but if the speed down, the impact of the magnitude will be reduced in the range of vehicles, like people, suddenly was Britain, and some uncomfortable it.

2. oblique slowdown belt

Oblique with the slowdown, that is, the two wheels are not at the same time pressure on the slowdown with the front tilt, so long down, the impact of the car is very large suspension, easy to cause left and right suspension uneven force, to the frame to bring the dark injury.

3. Unilateral through the deceleration zone

Many owners like the side of the wheel over the slowdown, that this will reduce the side of the loss, in fact, so want to be true, indeed this. But you ignore a problem, if so the impact of the car by the side of the commitment, over time, hanging easily dislocation, displacement, four wheel positioning will be a problem.

The right way: the car only in the two wheels through the deceleration zone, the vehicle left and right suspension balance force, resistance to the impact, although this time feel the body vibration, but the car greatly reduced the degree of dislocation, the chassis, suspension , The protection of the intensity is the largest, so we have to slow down the time to double the vertical deceleration through.