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Teach You How To Buy Underground Metal Detectors

  Teach you how to buy underground metal detectors

  Analysis of the purchase of metal detectors mainly to see two points, one is the metal detector word of mouth, is to see people who bought this type of metal detector evaluation, the second is to see its practicality, is to see how you want to use the metal detector You use it for what to do, what are targeted, different metal detectors for different places, different supply ranges.

  First, the purchase of the machine must first choose a reputation, reputation of the regular company to buy, do not seek cheap, looking for personal purchase. Aftermarket and quality for the treasure is essential. Especially online ordering friends, especially to remind: Do not greedy small cheap, easy to be deceived!

  It is recommended that the election before the election is to simulate the signal detection or digital signal detection, the general digital signal of the underground metal detector is more sensitive. According to the molecular frequency of each metal to detect.

  A wide range of underground metal detectors are generally used by medium professionals. The advantage of this type of instrument is that it can be a wide range of search probing, can be accurately positioned, can identify the type of metal, is a small range of underground metal detectors can not reach. The achievements of a small range of detectors can not achieve the desired characteristics. Disadvantages: not everyone can operate, the operation of this detector must have a certain patience, strength. In the use of certain hands must be stable before, hand trembling people do not recommend the use of this, this is based on the body's electrical work, each person's physical condition is different, so this machine operating performance is very complex. Not a certain professional knowledge is not enough.

  Second, the main issue is to see what type of metal detector you buy, is a small range of detection or a wide range of detection? The machine is too simple to detect only the surface of the metal material. Sensitivity is very low, are magnetic wave detection, detection depth shallow and so on. It is recommended to know the performance of each machine before buying, to see which is suitable for your use, we must carefully consider. Small range of detection of no technical requirements, the most common type of detector is the most simple, more suitable for primary use, is characterized by simple operation, simple assembly, detection range is small, easy to carry, detection. Mobile performance, accurate positioning. The disadvantage is that the detection range is small and has some limitations.