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Test Method For Food Metal Detectors

  Test method for food metal detectors

  If the test method to verify and found that the sensitivity of customers can not meet the requirements, metal detector you can increase the sensitivity of food metal detector. If the food metal detector can detect this test card to send an alarm and the downtime goes back to normal.

  For the use of food metal detector has been used, long cloth (towel) with alcohol wet, the sensitivity will be adjusted to the lowest level, metal detector start the machine to run it with a long bar directly hold the conveyor belt any one, wipe the conveyor belt Positive dirt, so that the conveyor belt to run a few laps, until the conveyor belt without dirt, and then shut down, will be a long cloth washed dry and dry, trying to long cloth in the conveyor belt below (reverse) through, his hands to seize Conveyor belt two sections, start the machine to run it to scrub the dirt on the back of the conveyor belt.

  Food metal detector equipment sensitivity is the standard test card used in diameter, now more than the diameter of 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0 MM iron ball test card. The actual food metal detector sensitivity to use that type of test card, metal detector depending on the specific detection of products and exports of international and food metal detector channel height and other factors to decide. The above food metal detector sensitivity calibration must be done once every three to four hours, and the calibration results written in the record, the supply of customer inspection.