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The Correct Way To Pass The Speed Bump

The Speed Bump in the city Road, the community toll station, the high speed toll station is very common, is in order to let the driver control the speed, guarantees the pedestrian's safety, the community, the school, the parking lot and so on usually will set it nearby. For drivers who drive a lot, lifting a Speed Bump may help the waist to tighten. Some drivers also ignore the existence, but can underestimate it, if the long-term driving improperly, your car will be greatly damaged.

How to correctly through the Speed Bump is also a technology, today's little series to teach the car friends how to correct the Speed Bump.

Is the car tilting through the Speed Bump correct

Many car owners think the car is tilted through the Speed Bump, the body bounce is not so big, so the damage will be relatively small. In fact, the car body slanting through, the body sway a large number of, also more easily caused by the left and right suspension force uneven, damage suspension system. For the entire spring, shock absorber and the entire body (frame), will produce more significant impairment consumption.

is the car body on one side through the Speed Bump correct

Many car owners have such a habit, is to see the Speed Bump of the left and right side there is no Speed Bump, will be used in one-sided two-wheel approach when rolling over the Speed Bump.

Many times this is what obsessive compulsive disorder often does, and this way, impact completely by the side of the suspension, to a large extent, the impact of the single side suspension, long time such operations will have an impact on the single side suspension, resulting in suspension dislocation, deformation, and even make the wheel positioning deviation, so the practice is not correct.

Fast through the Speed Bump is all right

Of course, some owners ignore the Speed Bump, and the rapid passing will have a great impact on the suspension of the vehicle, the suspension contraction after the rebound amplitude is larger, long-term so open must have damage. If the Speed Bump is high, the speed is fast, the suspension force of the car is too big, also can happen "knock" the chassis phenomenon.

Step on the brakes.

Brake deceleration will cause the body center of gravity forward, if the brakes over the Speed Bump, that is, all the weight of the body on the front wheel, will cause the vehicle before the shock in the compression state is again compressed, not only the shock absorber is very big, also can not alleviate the shock.

The correct way to pass the Speed Bump

First of all, to develop early observation of the road ahead. In particular, the vehicle has been driving to the speed limit section, reducing the speed, found that the Speed Bump linear brakes, premature spin down, the speed is probably reduced to 10~20km.

Before the wheel is ready to pass the Speed Bump to release the brakes, so that the vehicle center will move back, release the load before the shock, so that the front shock absorber has a good state to meet the impact of the Speed Bump.

The current wheel through the Speed Bump, that is, the Speed Bump in the middle part of the vehicle, do not worry about the oil ahead. The rear wheels rely on the vehicle's forward inertia through the Speed Bump and then slowly linear to the throttle to continue.