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The Main Application Of Underground Metal Detectors

The underground metal detector is a new generation of products developed using state-of-the-art technology. The underground metal detector has an accurate identification capability and a large depth of detection. It is a professional underground metal detector, especially for deep exploration of the formation. Underground metal detectors, it is the most annoying is the impact of the ground, with the height of the distance between the probe and the ground changes, the underground metal detector signal also followed changes, if the probe plate measured rugged ground The change is even greater, the operator will hear the signal everywhere, will disturb the judge, do not know where the real buried metal. This phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction." The reason is due to constitute the soil and various minerals So that the instrument issued a signal in the complex soil structure, "mineralization reaction" is very strong, it caused the signal than the metal signal even larger, this time the operator is difficult to determine whether the hair in the end there is a metal or "mineralization reaction".

Underground metal detector main applications are:

1. Military applications: the detection of unexploded ordnance and related sites, because there is no launch, not with the ground contact, so very safe.

2. Underwater detection: detection of metal and nonmetallic objects, pipelines, deposits, wrecks, sewage tanks and point of failure.

3. Dam gutter detection: dam piping is due to the formation of the dam was hollowed out, you can use hand and car and other means on the dam for rapid detection, can be found in time to occur the location of the dam pipe.

4. Detection of the foundation of the house: the foundation of the building before the detection, detection of the existence of the foundation under the cave.

5. Municipal construction: to detect a variety of metal and non-metallic pipes and pipelines to prevent road construction caused by pipeline damage.

6. Geophysical exploration of the oil industry: can simultaneously detect metal pipes and PVP pipes.

7. Mineral exploration: a variety of underground deposits, the accumulation of sand mine detection.

8. Archaeological exploration: tombs and treasures and the surrounding environment is significantly different, you can use the US ground to detect suspicious locations for detection. (Government functions / teams are allowed to operate in areas approved for approval).

9. Environmental Monitoring: Explore a variety of underground metal pipelines and non-metallic pipelines, tunnels, and sewage tanks for the extraction of sewage.

Underground metal detector to the scientific theory and the perfect combination of field archaeological, with high-quality long-range search system and precise positioning system, the use of a super micro-processor chip correction, instrument automatic detection system, fast scan detection, great The improvement of the efficiency of the treasure hunter and reduce the detection of labor intensity, is the most economical and practical underground metal detectors.