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The Use Of Underground Metal Detectors Tips

  The use of underground metal detectors tips

  1, in order to make the metal detector into the best condition, metal detector explorer in the winter or cold environment, the demand for its stop warm. So that the instrument program is fully activated, the ability to have the best performance.

  2, in order to maintain the service life of the instrument, after the application needs to stop clearing, metal detector liquidation into the instrument box to prevent dust on the performance of the instrument.

  3, the metal detector is not waterproof, in the course of the need to prevent the instrument into the water, so as not to affect the normal use of the instrument, when the instrument due to water and other reasons can not be used, metal detector after the sale to stop maintenance.

  4, the higher the flexibility of metal detectors, the higher the sensitivity level of metal detection, detection depth is smaller, and vice versa detection depth. In the adjustment of flexibility to be based on the needs of the environment and other sensitive use.

  5, the instrument has a headphone jack, the use of the ability to choose whether to use headphones, headphones using a common headset, metal detector the major stores are sold.

  6, long-term instrument in working condition, is not conducive to the performance of the instrument, after the use of play should remove the battery, after the liquid into the instrument box.