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Turnstile Development History

Revolving door gathered in a variety of door in one, its spacious and high style design to create a luxurious atmosphere, called the building's crowning touch. Rotary doors enhance the resistance to wind, reducing air conditioning energy consumption, is the best choice for isolation of air and energy. Revolving door is the most suitable for hotels, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, business associations, hotels, office buildings, large buildings and other import and export systems. Rotary door according to the function can be divided into two kinds of manual and automatic, by type can be divided into two wings revolving door, three-wing revolving door, four-wing revolving door, ring column revolving door and crystal revolving door. In Italy in the 1920s, several wings were made, and the wings were designed to swing in both directions. Later, a Swedish revolving door manufacturer has introduced a new two-wing door, they added the original design on the basis of the motor and booth. There were also three wing doors and four wing doors. Three-wing revolving door in the airport and the hotel has been very common, smaller doors for hand luggage through the diameter of 4.2 ~ 5.4m revolving door more convenient luggage cart access. With the continuous development of the revolving door industry, more and more industries and enterprises to use the revolving door, more and more enterprises into the revolving door industry, the use of four-wing door more efficient, Big. A diameter of 2m four-wing revolving door at 10r / min speed, people in the normal walking speed, the hour can be two-way through 10X4X60 = 2400 (person). Four-wing revolving door in the office and hotel and other places the most widely used. Five wing door has not been developed, there is no market. In the original patent proposed two special purpose of the design: one is the door to move to the side; the other is "break out" ring strong. These designs are already very popular before today's folding doors are popular. The door side of the mobile and folding combination of the door, so that the opening of the revolving door increased by nearly 50%, in order to ensure the fire in the building, the revolving door is still as a quick access to the building, to ensure that the danger The personnel can escape from the building, the door of the revolving door is designed to be foldable, so that each individual door when the pressure, can rotate in the opposite direction to release or rotate an angle to form a channel. Many countries or regions in the world have included this performance requirement in safety regulations.

In the 1940s, the revolving door increased speed control, allowing the door speed to be controlled as required. With the development of automation and automation, various automatic door revolving doors, revolving gates with card reader to identify safety performance, automatic doors with various safety protection sensors, and many special purpose revolving doors are added to the original manual four wing doors Series, so that its continuous development, only the automatic revolving door.

The development of automatic doors is not only due to its anti-noise and dustproof performance, it is important to point to its energy-saving features, the American Institute of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers conducted in the United States to obtain the conclusion that the revolving door entrance is the most economical Effective building entrance. With a common diameter of 2m, 2.1m high revolving door, each pass only when driving 1.7 cubic meters of air circulation. Since the heat exchange capacity of the air is small, the energy efficiency of the revolving door is very good.