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Turnstile Is The Best Choice For Isolating Airflow And Energy Saving

Revolving door gathered in a variety of door in one, its spacious and high style design to create a luxurious atmosphere, called the building's crowning touch. Rotary doors enhance the resistance to wind, reducing air conditioning energy consumption, is the best choice for isolation of air and energy. Revolving door is the most suitable for hotels, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, business associations, hotels, office buildings, large buildings and other import and export systems. Rotary door according to the function can be divided into two kinds of manual and automatic, by type can be divided into two wings revolving door, three-wing revolving door, four-wing revolving door, ring column revolving door and crystal revolving door.

Automatic revolving door by the fixed frame, cap, paste the edge, side wall glass composed of revolving door frame, the middle of the booth and the door for the rotating part. Automatic revolving door by the program logic controller (PLC), computer center processing device (CPU) and speed control circuit and other control devices composed of microcomputer control system to control the door to run completely automatic doors, under special circumstances only manual operation. Aluminum and steel frame all the exterior of stainless steel, fluorocarbon spray, ceiling ceiling with aluminum-plastic plate, the color selected by the customer, after the decoration of the revolving door is particularly gorgeous spectacular.

Automatic revolving door mechanical part fixed door. Fixed the door by the fixed frame, the cap on the head, waterproof dust cover, paste to the edge, fixed on the lower center bearing and other components. The column and the root of the beam are composed of the fixed frame for the door of the main frame, the column and the measured composition of the fixed frame has a greater strength and stiffness. The surface of the column is decorated with stainless steel. The import and export columns are equipped with rubber strips.


1) automatic opening and closing, easy to use. Automatic revolving door with PLC control system using computer control revolving door opening and running speed, so the use of very convenient, reliable and quiet operation, due to accidental reasons when the power can also be manual, lightweight, flexible and safe.

2) good sealing performance, energy conservation. Automatic revolving door is "always open - always closed" door. No matter the door to any position, the revolving door is open to the outside, are closed within the building. It can effectively reduce the indoor heat loss, reduce the invasion of dust, increase the airtight, keep health, energy saving. Door insulation, good insulation properties, noise significantly reduced, energy saving than ordinary automatic doors 30%.

3) safe and reliable operation to ensure that people and goods safety, functional, good performance. Automatic revolving door with a variety of security devices, security protection with the sensor and computer control system to ensure safe operation, to prevent people caught, to ensure the safety of people and goods. Full-featured, good performance, can achieve the entire building of intelligent control.

4) smooth operation, environmental adaptability, high efficiency. The automatic revolving door runs according to the setting procedure, and the running speed is adjustable. When the unmanned and disabled people can change at any time, revolving door start, run and stop are in the best increase, the automatic rotation door can automatically compensate for environmental adaptability.

5) the appearance of magnificent generous, for the whole building by color. Automatic revolving door for aluminum and stainless steel, the appearance of the United States. Automatic revolving door is not only a very practical kind of door, but also luxury hotel, building the most suitable choice.


In China, with the economic development, social progress, all kinds of buildings and buildings mushroomed to build up. Like Western society, China's high-level hotels, hotels, financial institutions, commercial buildings, airport terminals and other high-level buildings abound. The doors, doors and inner doors of these buildings use automatic revolving doors. With the increase in social needs, automatic revolving door development is rapid, various types of automatic revolving doors are constantly developed and improved, more and more widely used.