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What Is The Role Of Metal Detector Instruments In Archeology?

  What is the role of Metal Detector instruments in archeology?

  Earth surface of the shallow surface, there are rich metal deposits, which is the nature of the donation to mankind. The surface of the shallow air, buried Wang will be the phase of the immortal dream, this is the history of human bequest. Once upon a time, the discovery of these two treasures, Metal Detector relying on the occasional luck of the breeze of water to the ins and outs, which also gave birth to a group of half cents and high.

  Until the metal controller of the show, only occasionally become inevitable, only to the human nature and the treasure trove of historical excavation opportunities, firmly in my palm. This can not be said that the fate of science and technology change a reactionary. With the human desire to shrink from time to time, Metal Detector available for exploitation of mineral resources and not tombs destroyed ancient graves less and less, the importance of the instrument more and more obvious, has often become an important aspect of people's archaeological exploration One of the tools.

  Especially in the archeology of war, metal detectors play a unique role, because the bullet shell shell shells and other war relics, small size, quantity, by the artificial and the naked eye is simply impossible to complete the excavation process, must rely on the assistance of the instrument.

  Metal Detector with a flexible fast and efficient and many other advantages, and its presentation led to the rise of an industry. A detection tool to carry out an industry, Metal Detector can be said to be a sort of a small wonders. It has a universal use and broad prospects for the use, including security, product inspection and other aspects will be used in the airport, stations, supermarkets, clubs, theaters have its shadow.

  The most common use is still in the archaeological excavation site found small pieces of metal, thus proving the age and value of the tomb. Of course, Metal Detector can not deny it in mineral exploration and scientific research and other aspects of the great role.